BRCC-7052Brett Peel Hi ResBrodie Jones atop of her pony Spookcccc cover-5371cccc favs-1513cccc favs-5869cccc favs-6149Darren Stephens - Duntay Hubba Bubba-3107Easy On--2fb posts-2626HPH 3-12-2644HPH 3-12-2672-2Jackie McFarlane and her stunning mare Drive Lady DriveJenny Shean riding Liza Rey in the Novice Non Pro -3750Kim McKennaLD WHATTA KATT and owner Lucy Madden sure gave the crowd a show in the NP Classic Challenge on ThursdayLincoln Veraart riding Erin Topdrive - Reserve Champion 132 - Non Pro Derby Final-1926Matt Oakley riding Highway to Hell - $15,000 Novice - Equal first on a 148-2031Nick Smith riding his own horse C D SPIDERMAN in Sundays exciting Senior Youth. Nick eventually went on to with the SNR Youth riding SWEET SMOKIN HOOTCH